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The Rich Flora of Cappadocia

Situated in the center of Anatolia between the Erciyes and Hasan Mountains, the Cappadocia region has an average elevation of 1,000 meters above sea level. Among its most predominant trees are Apricot, Silverberry (Turkish: iğde), Poplar, Walnut and Juniper. The climate that has prevailed for centuries is ideal for growing varieties of grapes of high quality and makes Cappadocia one of Turkey’s major wine-producing centers. Its many vineyards are an irreplaceable part of the landscape. In addition to its vineyards, the region has also been growing apples, pears and mulberries since ages past. Cappadocia is also one of Turkey’s most important regions for growing potatoes and is home to the large potato farms of many manufacturers of potato chips. In addition, onions, beans, and ground squash are among the region’s irrevocable agricultural products.