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Southern Gallipoli Battlefields

Gallipoli Battlefields

The path of the walk is close to a circuit, extending approximately 2 kilometres down the western coastline of the Gallipoli Peninsula, from North Beach in the north, past Brighton Beach in the south. It then moves inland and northward again along the ridge lines finishing at Walker's Ridge north-east of North Beach and looking down on the beach from its heights.

Beginning at North Beach and walking a quarter of a kilometre south, you will come to the second stopping point, Ari Burnu Cemetery. A little further south is Anzac Cove. At the southern end of Anzac Cove along the coast road is Hell Spit. Turning left back towards Anzac Cove and walking a few metres up Shrapnel Valley, the main route up from the beach area to the Anzac frontline on the ridge is the fifth stopping point, Shrapnel Valley Cemetery. Turning back from Shrapnel Valley Cemetery onto the main coast road, and walking south along this road for about half a kilometre is the sixth stopping point, Brighton Beach.

About half a kilometre along the Brighton Beach road, there is an unpaved road up hill to the north east – Artillery Road as it was known to the Anzacs – leading to Shell Green Cemetery and further uphill to Lone Pine Cemetery and Memorial, the eighth stopping point.

Continuing north east along the main ridge road for a few hundred metres, you will come to Johnson’s Jolly, and an equal distance further along the ridge road is the tenth stopping point, Quinn’s Post. A little further up the hill is the Turkish Memorial, a larger than life sized representation of the ordinary Turkish soldier, rifle in hand.

A short distance further up the road, you turn left onto a unpaved road to the eleventh stopping point, The Nek Cemetery. Turning down the track towards the coast will bring you to Walker’s Ridge Cemetery. Winding westwards further along the track you reach the end of the ridge, overlooking North Beach to the south-west, where your walk began.