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Cappadocia Goreme Open-Air Museum

Monastery of Monks and Nuns and the St. Basileios Chapel

After purchasing your ticket and beginning your tour, you will see the Monastery of Monks and Nuns on the left. The monastery dates to the eleventh cetury and consists of a six to seven storey rock mass. The structure in which all the levels are connected by tunnels consists of a kitchen, dining room, cells and a chapel.

For security, heavy sliding rocks were used as a door. There is a chapel on the second floor and a church on the third. The church is domed and contains four columns and three apses. The most important feature in the nuns’ section is the fresco of Jesus executed directly on the rock with red ornamentation that completes it. The monastery of the monks was unable to resist the forces of time and erosion, and the passages between levels have collapsed. In the chapel of Saint Basileios near the entrance, the nave and the narthex are separated from one another by two individual galleries. You can also see graves that have been carved into the chapel.

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