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Endemic Species of Cappadocia Fauna

Cappadocia possesses a wide range of fauna that includes endemic species. Animals such as the wolf, fox, rabbit, eagle, tortoise, hedgehog and ground squirrel are numerous in Cappadocia, which also harbors a rich population of butterflies. Among the native species of butterfly in the region is the colorful Zygaena Kapadokia (Cappadocia Moth), which is found only here. Another endemic species to the region is the Agama Lizard that appears on the tufa rockface in the summer, and is called ‘Kaya Kertişi’ by the local population. This reptile with stubby spines on its tail can reach a length of 30 centimeters. The yellow scorpion, green scarabeus and horned scarabeus and insects like the potato bug are among the more notable creatures living in the region. Owls and different species of snakes and, in recent years, herds of wild boar complete the wealth of regional fauna.