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Cappadocia Church of the Sandal

Cappadocia Carikli Kilise - Church of the Sandal a structure on the heights

This is the smllest of the churches with columns i the Göreme Valley, with a cruciform shape, two columns, four arches,three apses and a barrel vault. The church is in a high location, and is reached by stairs. The lower storeys contain cells, a dining hall and a meeting room. From the aspect of its design it resembles the Church of Saint Barbara. Because the church was visited so frequently in the past, it is thought that a piece of the True Cross may have been preserved here.The church was named ‘Çarıklı’ by the locas because the sandals of the saints resembled the shoes known as çarık that worn i the region. In addition to this explanation, under the preset-day floor covering are the two footprints that may also be shown as a reason fort his name. The church’s thirteenth-century frescoes show a similaritiy to those i the Karalık ad Elmalı church’s.

If you stand facing the apsis, you can see at the right of two small domes o the ceiling a depiction of Simon of Kirene carriying on his back the cross on which Christ would be crucified on Golgotha; this is the only representation of this scence to be found i all the churches of Göreme. The Pantocrator Crist in the central dome is surrounded by five angels within medallions, and the four Evangelists are portrayed i the pendentives.

On the west wall of the church we see the important benefactors of the church: Theognostos, Leon, Michel and Simon. Çarıklı Church contains other frescoes as well: the Crucifixion, Descent from the Cross, the Raising of Lazarus from the Dead, Childhood of Jesus, Entry into Jerusalem and the Resurrection.
In the dining room located on the storey beneath the church, on the wall at the end that was reserved fort he abbot, is the scene of the Last Supper.

Cappadocia Church of the Sandal